Top 3 Best LockScreen Tweaks from Cydia App Download Store

The iOS lock screen is the first thing you see when you turn the iOS 8 device on. However, even with all that change the iOS 7 and the iOS 8 brought, it is still very basic and classic. Since Apple refuses to make some big changes about it, what we have left to do is to use Cydia app download store to get some of the best apps and tweaks that help us customize the lock screen.

To get these apps, head over to Cydia app download store and search for the app you want to download. Type in the name of the app, click on it and then choose Install. This will install the application on your device in a matter of minutes. Here are my top 3 best LockScreen Cydia tweaks for iPhone.


Convergence is a major overhaul of the lock screen that rethinks everything from the ground up. It offers us the possibility to add widgets such as weather, calendars, and will be open for third party apps. In the same time, users will get a customizable toggle screen that can hold as few or as many settings you want. All the animations work smooth and easy. It is a great tweak which provides us plenty of customization features.

In case you are interested in downloading Convergence, head over to Cydia download store and purchase it for only $2.00.


JellyLock 7

JellyLock takes it basic concept from Android lock screen. It is a great tweak that rethinks unlocking the phone. It provides a circular grabber which, when pushed down, can be moved to the right to unlock the device and to the left to launch the camera. You can set up to 5 apps to quick launch when moving the grabber around the arch. The grabber can easily be customized in size and color as well. Basically, the tweak gives you the possibility to quick launch apps, while you enjoy an elegant way of unlocking your device. It is worth trying it out, especially since it is free of charge on Cydia app download store.


The last Cydia tweak I want to add to my list is an impressive iOS 7 weather app. Forecast brings all the beauty to the lock screen. It displays the current weather information, and then you can easily swipe right to left to access a 12 hour and a 5 day forecast. But this is not all. Forecast also adjusts your wallpaper to the weather, and if it is cloudy, you will see the clouds moving across your lock screen.


The only bad part with this amazing and interactive tweak is the fact that it might turn out to be a little bit battery-consuming. All these animation and a permanent weather forecast might cause battery drain. In case you still want it, it is available for $0.99 in Cydia app download store.

As a bonus, I want to tell you a few things about TimePasscode. This tweak does not do a lot, but it allows you to make your password the current time. If the time is 22:06, then the password becomes 2206. In case you want to try it out, it is free in Cydia.

BlueStacks App Player enters beta brings Android Apps to your PC Desktop

A business getting Android applications for your desktop Computer, BlueStacks, launched the Beta 1 edition of its Application Participant Wednesday.

If you should be an Android enthusiast, the title BlueStacks and also the item may not seem a little strange. Called Best Software the Application Participant enables you to perform exactly the same apps you may appreciate in your pill full-screen or smartphone in your Computer that is desktop.

This past year was released Oct eleven of by the leader edition of the program, and was saved greater than a zillion occasions during its THREE- alpha launch. As numerous Android applications could operate, the ball player was additional a proof of concept and may not operate numerous common games such as for instance Furious Parrots and Berry Ninja

{After successful back its CES honor in Jan, BlueStacks created the leader inaccessible Jan twenty in expectation of its enhanced beta launch.

The Beta 1 edition of whatsapp for iPad Application Participant includes the Layercake technologies of the company’s make it possible for x86 to be operate on by Android applications -dependent computers.

LayerCake is just a troublesome technologies that allows Computer producers to create their clients the very best of the eco-system. Additionally, it leverages the sophisticated artwork abilities of platforms and APU,

Trick to install WhatsApp IOS 8 81 on IPad Air IPad Mini IPhone 6 IPod

Just how to deploy and Initialize WhatsApp on Ipod Itouch along with iPad on NOTEBOOK OR PC Without jailbreak: WhatsApp could be a typical fast messenger Software which works on iOS along with Android OPERATING SYSTEM, which lets you provide Texts, MMS as well as phrases Communications relating to the pals from free from cost.

whatsapp2About the other-hand, it is not compatible getting iPad in addition to Ipod Itouch. We are in possession of worked the easiest way out to effortlessly deploy WhatsApp on Ipod Itouch along side iPad with no need to jailbreak your device that was present.

You had will probably require the following before starting to be able to deploy WhatsApp on iPod and on occasion even iPad:

Obtain Cydia Applications Newest Jailbreak & Free Of Charge

E-mail Changes Driven by Yahoo FeedBurner

Your computer was installed on by iTunes

Download SynciOS Application to your house windows PC PROGRAM from web. SynciOS. Org



Just how to deploy along side Trigger WhatsApp on iPad Without jailbreak Action by simply Action directions

Deploy WhatsApp on iPad, iPod Without jailbreak

Action ONE, start iTunes, Download WhatsApp and Research. This is often to obtain the iPA doc.

Step two, Discover The method to be able to iTunes Push File, this standard route is generally: Substance > Clients > Login > The Tunes > iTunes > iTunes media > Mobile Programs > WhatsApp. iPad. Have the if individuals enhanced the way in which just before. This time is reported at by ipa there.

Action 3 or maybe iPad also operate SynciOS and really to computer. Push About The device Situation, you’ll discover FIVE selections about the panel’s real stop aspect. Head-over to Programs, you’ll notice a contact listing of Programs that are mounted. Choose deploy” switch, discover the WhatsApp document you have duplicated through the media fileINCH. It’ll be without issues mounted on Ipod Itouch or your own iPad.

Action FOUR, you might have precisely mounted WhatsApp on iPod and your iPad when the real installment strategy completed. Detach your personal iPad Air, iPad even or Mini Ipod Itouch.

Trigger WhatsApp on iPad Without jailbreak

Action FIVE, Obtain The iPhone along with deploy Whatspp onto it. In case WhatsApp previously mounted is offered by the iPhone, since strategy runs on the rejuvenating deploy an individual will need to uninstall this.

Action SIX, Subsequent your re installation, you’ve surely got to kind your telephone number to induce that. Make certain the telephone quantity you joined may be the one you intend to utilize about iPod in addition to the iPad.

Action SEVEN, Link your iPhone that is present on pc or your notebook as well as kick SynciOS application off. Visit my very own Gadget> Applications > WhatsApp. Click the survey switch about the aspect that is proper to achieve plan is reported by WhatApp Application, choose each Paperwork along side Catalog file, to be able to back-up these THREE edition inside your PC push Add switch. Notice underneath that is image.

Action EIGHT, link iPad or possibly iPod back once again to YOUR PC as well as Disconnect your present iPhone. All over again check out The Gadget>Applications>WhatsApp Application statement report plan, stroke away Doc along side Stockpile edition, subsequent move the two files saved on Computer or just enter supplement to diminish both documents about the Application Document Management Area as proven under.

Alongside with attempting to use action NINE, Detach the iPad iPod from your own Computer, WhatsApp is possibly induced. Enjoy WhatsApp Ipod Itouch, regarding iPad.

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Possess an iPad along side Ipod Itouch as well as need to Download along side deploy WhatsApp using the item that was unique? Perfectly I’ve your manual to fit your requirements. This is the way it’s feasible to set up Ipod Itouch operating on iOS in addition to WhatsApp regarding iPad. The manual that is entire is likely to not be above.

That and WhatsApp is presently kept simply by Fb may be the worldis main texting help, it is actually ergo large really that each the particular worldis providers mixed when comparing to WhatsApp provide less Communications on the daily schedule. On just how essential WhatsApp is to obtain the idea.

Effortlessly as WhatsApp isn’t natively acknowledged on Ipod Itouch along side iPad you’ve to complete numerous what to get WhatsApp about the device iOS that are working – 8.1.

Effortlessly your manual regarding adding whatsapp on ipad in addition to iPad running on iOS – 8.1 will be here today.

This sort of guide requirements a person to obtain a jailbroken iPad in addition to Ipod Itouch working on iOS Download PanGu along side jailbreak applying this manual if you should be not at all jailbroken.

Which means this indicates the present edition this guide won’t probably get the job done on variations above iOS; iOS WOn’t ever perform. Apple stays to become signing your eye port regarding iOS, therefore make the most of this manual to simply help Limit in order in addition to iOS to jailbreak this.

Action ONE: by utilizing iTunes Download WhatsApp regarding iPhone

Step two: Download iPhone Settings Power along with perform it.

Action THREE: if you function you will observe Programs inside the menus that is fundamentally quit, click with this.

Action FOUR: click the real Include switch at the very top quit of the window-pane.

Action FIVE: Select types Saved WhatsApp doc. Them is found beneath MediaMobile Programs in the standard iTunes documents file.

Action SIX: simply click on deploy switch along side WhatsApp will probably be mounted in your present Ipod Itouch along side iPad.

Action SEVEN: Go to Download WhatsPad in the repo to Cydia in addition.

At this time almost all you wish to do is trigger WhatsApp. In order to induce that type in your telephone amount along side WhatsApp will definitely provide to be able to confirm that you just Concept, type in that Concept in WhatsApp. You need to use WhatsApp on Ipod Itouch in addition to types iPad when that is completed.

Nicely women, okay, i’ll and men recognize when the manual on adding WhatsApp regarding Ipod Itouch along with iPad on iOS -8.1 toiled readily available for anyone inside evaluation area underneath.


How Setup Backup and Restore Conversations on Whatsapp On PC

For those of you who do not know, Whatsapp is one of the most used mobile instant messenger apps for mobile and tablets. Initially, it was designed for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users. At this point, we are able to download Whatsapp on PC with the help of an Android emulator.

The emulator allows users to install various mobile apps and tweaks on their Mac or Windows-based computers. Whatsapp has become a universal communication app, which transmits billions of messages each day. After a while, the user can easily accumulate a bunch of messages and important content. For this reason, I am sure than you want to keep them safe and stored.

This is actually pretty hard, with phones being lost, stolen or broken. In order to avoid losing your text messages, you should make a backup of your conversation, a backup that can be easily restored. In this respect, you can always restore your old messages, even if you change your phone or if you uninstall Whatsapp. Here is how you should backup your Whatsapp conversations but also how to extract Whatsapp backup database file for future restore.


  1. Backup your Whatsapp conversations

As I mentioned above, to create a backup of your conversations it is actually easy and simple. For this, launch the application from your apps list or Bluestacks in the case of Whatsapp for PC. Once Whatsapp is launched, press on the three-dot menu icon on the top right. Tap on Settings, and this will open the Whatsapp Settings. Here, you will be able to see the Chat Settings. Click on this option. Next, click on Backup conversations to backup all the presented messages. This will create a backup for all your conversations on a daily basis at 4 am.


  1. Extract Whatsapp backup database file for Future restore

In case you want to access or restore your saved conversations, you need to connect your device to your computer via USB. In the case of Whatsapp on PC, skip this step. Open the device’s storage. In the root o the device’s storage, you will be able to see a folder labeled Whatsapp. Click on it and search for the backup database files. Find the one with the latest date. It should look like msgstore-2014-03-24.1.db.crypt5, where the numbers represent the year, month and day of each conversation.

Copy that file to a secure location on your computer. Now, for those who connected their devices, remove the device. Now, when you lose your messages, and you have the backup available, simply put back the saved database file into Whatsapp > Database folder. Reinstall the application, and you will be asked to restore all messages. Choose Restore, and each one of your conversation will appear on Whatsapp.

This is all. However, in order to be able to restore all of your messages, you need to make sure you check the auto-backup feature. Only in this way your messages will be stored and saved, and your will be able to restore them whenever you want in the future.


How To Hide Unwanted Default Apps On a Jailbroken Device

Some of the apps that are standard when you purchase a new iOS device are useful, while others are not that great. And, I am pretty sure that you all have at least one stock app that you want to delete permanently or change it with another one. Personally, I would definitely want to replace the default mail application with one of my own. Nevertheless, the truth is that we do not use all of them, and they take memory space and screen space. Since you are not normally allowed to uninstall these apps, find out that Cydia download free store can help you with this problem.

If you have your device jailbroken, then, you are on the right track. You can choose to hide them from your home screen, or even delete them completely. In this way, you will reduce the clutter on your screen, and make room for other interesting apps and tweaks.


When I mentioned that a simple Cydia download free will solve the problem, there is nothing simpler. As long as you use one of the following three Cydia apps, you will be able to hide these apps from your home screen. Choose the one that suits you better, or you can even try them all.



As the name might imply, this app is very effective. Poof is a very minimalist and simple iOS app that does exactly what you want. It hides some application form your home screen. It was initially designed for iPhone, but it can be used on iPad as well. To hide an icon, open Poof and turn off the application you do not want to appear on your home screen. The tweak can help you hide all of your apps, the default apps as well as the regular ones. You can hide Poof itself. If you want an app back on your screen, you can unhide them from Poof, or use the Search option.



Another application you can use to hide certain stock applications is Springtomize. This Cydia app will cost you only $2.99, but it will bring you professionalism and a wide array of features. As a matter of fact, you can use Springtomize to customize many more aspects of your iOS device user interface. In the Settings application, under Extensions, in the left sidebar, under the Icons option, scroll down to the Hide Icons. The top two buttons allow you to hide the Newsstand and Springtomize itself. Just choose another application you want to hide within Springtomize. When you are done, you may have to respring your device for the changed t take place.


As you can see, the previous two apps allow you to hide the unwanted apps, but if you really want to make some room and delete these apps completely, you can do so by configuring SSH and connection to your device over FTP. This will render a complete system restore, and if not done properly, you might risk damaging your device by deleting the wrong files. Choose the method that suits you better, and check out Cydia download free store for more useful alternatives and solutions.

Another Patent Dispute Between Apple And Samsung

The International Trade Commission this week prohibited the sale of older iPhone and iPad versions in the U.S. after finding that they infringe on a patent held by Samsung.

Especially, the ruling affects the AT&T versions of iPhone 4, the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and the AT&T 3G versions and iPad 2. Newer variants of Apple iPad and iPhone aren’t changed.

In this case, Samsung accused Apple of violating four of its patents with the iPhone and iPad, but the ITC just found Apple guilty of infringing on one patent, which covers an “apparatus and method for encoding/decoding transport format combination gauge in CDMA mobile communication system.”

“We believe the ITC’s Final Determination has affirmed Apple’s history of free-riding on Samsung’s technological innovations,” a Samsung spokesman said in a statement. “Our decades of research and development in mobile technologies will continue, and we will continue to offer innovative products to consumers.”

Apple did not immediately react to your request for comment, but according to atweet from CNBC, Cupertino said it will appeal the decision to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.


President Obama has the option to veto the ITC’s conclusion, though “that rarely happens,” according to Bloomberg, which also said Apple’s products will stay on shop shelves during a 60-day review period.

Apple no longer sells its iPhone’s 3G and 3GS variants, but the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are still accessible.

Samsung requested the total commission review the conclusion, and by November, the ITC agreed to do that. It solicited public opinion on certain FRAND (rational, reasonable, and non-discriminatory) problems, and also this week, the ITC ruled in the benefit of Samsung on one of the four patents in question.

“Having examined the record of the investigation, … the Commission has determined that Samsung has established a violation of section 337″ of the Tariff Act of 1930 with the patent, referred to as the ‘348 patent, the ITC said in its judgement.

The decision comes the day after the White House unveiled a strategy meant to crack down on patent trolls. The strategy also touched on the “smartphone patent wars,” a battle in which Samsung and Apple have played a starring part.

Beyond the voice search enhancements, the most recent version of Chrome for iOS brings quicker page reloading when the network to which you are linked is slow or unavailable. In addition, it includes the standard security and stability improvements and bug fixes, which ought to make the app run better complete.


Chrome for iOS version 27.0.1453.10, as the latest variation is formally understood, is available for download in the App Store now.

Google first released Chrome in June 2012 back for iOS. Across devices, the iOS program will sync like the desktop version of Chrome, enabling you to pull up pages that you looked at on iPhone or your PC. Credentials will also be synced, so there’s no need to re-enter a password via the iPad if you have already signed in on your own PC.

Enhanced Power Management in The New IPhone 4

14It’s been hard to prevent a lot of the hoopla surrounding the launch before this season of Apple’s must have a device, the IPad. Currently the makers are cramming a number of the technology to the brand new iPhone 4, to excellent impact.

The iPhone 3GS utilized a really great and dependable CPU in the shape of the ARM Cortex-a8 nick. It has nevertheless been dispensed with towards Apples own A4 nick, their custom-built chip the iPad uses. The 4 is supersonic, particularly whenever you think about it must manage the newest multi-tasking services which are made in, where the 3GS was quickly at launching programs. We suppose it’s going to be across the amount, consistent with a lot of its own opponents, even though the precise specification to the processor hasn’t been formally validated. IOS 4, the fresh os have also seen acceptable updates fit the adjustments that we’ve seen in the telephone itself. IOS 4 gives the chance to the user to categories programs, to conserve on a few homepages full of icons. For instance, you may make a Photography icon, which-when clicked on will reveal all pictures applications including Cam, Cam Move, Photoshop etc. This retains the home screen tidier, as well as makes it simpler for the consumer to browse. Wallpapers also can now be included with the home screens for anyone who’s bored of the aging black history. Other subtle developments add a fresh single email inbox, enabling simple direction of many balances, a 5 x camera move, fully be it just in electronic form, as well as the alternative to see photographs by place taken along with the day they were taken.

Outwardly, the 4 has experienced its first change because its initial launch.    Do for the glass used on either side of the telephone, there’s currently an apparent distinction between white and black models, with more than simply the rear casing being distinct. Packed in nicely between both sheets is a fashionable looking metal group (which functions as the phones). This strip features several buttons, including personal circular volume buttons, as opposed to the cheap-looking, single rocker switch available on previous versions. Concealed behind the top display to is a brand new digicam, added to enable an individual to make top quality video calls because of Apples new FaceTime technique. Apple did a great job in producing well considered developments, and getting the notable iPhone 3GS.

Download Cydia and Get Amazing Third-Party Apps

Having an iPad became a must have nowadays, although people used to manage just fine without one, before. The fact that this smart device, not only that makes our way of living funnier, but it also improves it, made it one of the top gadgets teens, and even older people use all the time. Apple took care of improving its device all the time, but even if there are loads of apps offered for free of in exchange of a small amount of money, the iPad users seem to be wanting more and more from their device. This is the reason why many of them choose to use Cydia download center instead as it offers all that can be found at the Apple Store and even more, due to the fact that Apple appears not to be approving with a great number of apps that people might be interested in.

amazing cydia apps

Here is a list of great Cydia Apps that began representing must haves among jailbroken  iPad users:

1. Winterboard

This is an extremely interesting Cydia app for all iPad owners who are interested in adding some style to their device as Winterboard provides fully customizable themes. It is available for downloading at Cydia All you need to do is search for it and then click on Download after which Cydia will reboot your iPad.

2. Sara

All iOS users seem to love Siri as it is very helpful and fun to use, at the same time. This is the reason why many of you would like to use Cydia download, but they are not ready to give up Siri. Well, this is the reason why Sara, a Voice assistant alternative, was created. Sara is available for iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad 1G and iPod touch 4G. This application is very similar to Siri. However, it appears to be having more functions and commands.

3. RecognizeMe 2.0

Are you interested in transforming your iPad’s front facing camera into an effective security solution? Well, you are able to do that with your jailbroken device, by using this application. This is a great way to secure your iPad in a smart way. All needed to be done is to go to Cydia download and get this this Biometric face recognition app.

These are only some of the amazing apps offered by the third party store, but there are many more where they came from. All you need to do in order to enjoy them is to jailbreak your iPad, or any other Apple device and install Cydia.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Jailbreak Your IPhone

Lots of people that possess an iPhone determine that, even though it’s an absolutely effective apparatus, it’s not enough. They might need to possess more control over their telephone or just move from the important business giants that determine what they can and can’t do on the personal gadget. But, it’s not consistently the greatest choice to jailbreak an iPhone, and you’ll find a significant few explanations for why you need to critically reevaluate jailbreaking your iPhone whether it has actually entered the mind.

Best Apple Apps

One. Apple places limitations to the apparatus for reasons. Apple does make these devices, even though it doesn’t usually make sense and consequently they understand what the device is meant rather than designed to perform. Among the attributes, a lot of people need are multi-tasking for the apparatus. Nevertheless, it wasn’t applied because it could destroy the battery life much quicker compared to the telephone previously did.

This implies the system will entirely quit functioning, and you will see no assistance provided by Apple to repair it as what you’re doing wasn’t backed or condoned by the business. It’s also possible to risk complications or difficulties with conflicting issues. Lots of individuals believe the danger of destroying the apparatus isn’t worth jailbreaking it because the iPhone works on its own with no extra tweaking required.

Three. Upgrades for the iPhone eliminate the capability to jailbreak it. Apple is really wise as well as their programmers do analyze the way the telephone was altered. Every time the upgrade occurs, persons who’ve completed a jailbreak on the telephone must detect, though again, the way to split Apple’s signal so that you can jailbreak it again. It may be rather boring to need to change your phone each time an upgrade happens.


4. You become prone to whenever you choose to prison break your iPhone viruses. Apple is clearly not going in order to produce a telephone that’s 100% protected; however, in the background of current, the iPhone’s two documented viruses happened because of telephones being jailbroken.

Cydia Offers More Apps than Apple

Jailbreaking has become a very well-known process among iOS devices users, at this moment. The main reason why more and more are interested in giving up the apps offered by the Apple Store is represented by the multitude of apps that can be found once a free Cydia download can be used.

However, there still are people who believe that giving up on the Apple Store might harm their devices or might not let them use the apps they were able to find before. Well, this can be true. However, as long as the process of jailbreaking is performed correctly, the device functions perfectly. In addition, Cydia downloads offer not only apps, which are similar to the ones that can be found at the online Apple App Store, but even many more.

For example, in case there are people who did not hear about this, Cydia made available an app which is similar to Siri, called Sara. This works pretty much like the Apple assistant being able to answer most of the question people have been asking Siri. Installing it is extremely easy as the only thing the user has to do is to open cydia and follow a couple of simple steps.

Another app that might seem interesting for the iOS users who own a jailbroken device is RecognizeMe 2.0. As the iOS lacks facial recognition to unlock, Android users seemed to be above iDevices ones, when Galaxy Nexus came with that feature built-in. However, Cydia downloads brought this feature onto jailbroken iOS devices making it available through this simple app, called RecognizeMe. The app is very interesting and, at the same time useful, many users being interested in adding this features to their gadgets.

These are just two apps that can be enjoyed once the iOS devices passes the jailbreaking devices and the user is able to enjoy paid apps as well as to download free Cydia apps, just like it worked with the Apple Store. However, there even more interesting offers that come from this online store, which appears to be working similar to the one offered by Apple.

To conclude, it can be affirmed that all iOS devices users must begin the process of jailbreaking if they are interested in using the apps and tweaks that cannot be found at the Apple Store. In case they are not happy with Cydia, which is something rare, they could always give it up and go back at Apple.